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BA-102B Syllabus


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OHLONE COLLEGE INTRODUCTION TO MICROECONOMICS BA102B. Sections (03,04,06) Spring 2010 SYLLABUS Professor Tina Mosleh COURSE DESCRIPTION : Introduction to microeconomics focuses on the behavior of consumers, firm and owners of resources. This introductory course revolves around the two basic concepts of scarcity and choice. Specifically, we wish to understand the choices of individuals and how they affect the allocation of scarce resources. We would also examine topics such as: demand and supply, the market price system, different type of market structures such as; monopoly, monopolistic competition oligopoly, environmental issues and polices and social responsibilities. Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 1. Define basic terms and concepts as they pertain to economics. 2. Understand and explain basic economic laws and theories as well as recognizing their importance. 3. Apply your understanding of economic terms, concepts, laws and theories so that you are able to analyze economic events as they occur in the real world as well as being able to distinguish between correct and incorrect economic statements. In addition, the material you learn in this course should prepare you for further coursework in economics including intermediate microeconomics and many upper division courses that deal with applied economics Transfer Credit: 3 semester units, which meet GE requirements for Associates Degrees, and transfers to UC, CSU. Prerequisite Math-153 Required Text book. Microeconomics Principles, Applications, and Tools, Fifth Edition. O’Sullivan,/Sheffrin/Perez. You may order the text online or in person at the OHLONE College bookstore (510-659-6062).
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COURSE REQUIREMENTS: This course will be available online 24x7 from start to the end of semester. You are not required to be online on a certain day or at a certain time except for the assigned exams. Refer to the course syllabus for the exam/assignment/quizzes due dates. 1. Participate in class current event discussions. (Refer to current event posting instructions on discussion board) 2. Perform assigned readings from the textbook. 3. Complete required tests 5. Complete the final exam. INSTRUCTIONS FOR POSTING MESSAGES ON THE DISCUSSION BOARD. When you access this class via Web-CT for the first time, please do the following: (1) Click the Discussions tab; (2) click the Introductions link; (3) click the button Compose Message; the compose message window will open; In the subject line, type in your Last Name followed by the word Introduction. Introduce yourself: tell us about your educational background, work experience, reasons for taking this class and any other information that you’d like to share with us; when finished click the Post button. Get to know your classmates. Go back to the Home Page and browse all items. When finished with the introduction you may exit Web-Ct.
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