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CHEM151L.003-F2009 Fall, 2009 Class Meeting M W F 8:45 AM–9:35 AM (Physics 128) Instructor Professor Jiyong Hong (FFSC 3220; Tel:660-1545; e-mail:[email protected]) Recitation TA Scott Sauer (FFSC 2127; e-mail:[email protected]) Textbooks 1. Organic Chemistry , 5 th Edition, G. Marc Loudon, Roberts and Company Publishers, 2009. 2. Study Guide and Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry , 5 th Edition, G. Marc Loudon and Joseph G. Stowell, Roberts and Company Publishers, 2010. Recommended Materials 1. Molecular Model Kit Exams and Grading Three 50-minute examinations and one 180-minute final examination will be given on the dates and times listed below in Physics 128. 1. Exam I: September 21 (Monday, 8:45 AM–9:35 AM) 2. Exam II: October 19 (Monday, 8:45 AM–9:35 AM) 3. Exam III: November 18 (Wednesday, 8:45 AM–9:35 AM) 4. Final Exam: December 8 (Tuesday; 2:00 PM–5:00 PM) 5. Grading: Three 50-minute Examinations @12.5% = 37.5% Final Examination = 30% Laboratory = 25% Homework = 7.5% TOTAL = 100% The use of molecular models and calculators is allowed during exams. However, nothing may be shared during the exam. The use of notes or any other written Students Who May Want To Change Levels Of Chemistry Courses Anytime prior to October 2, first-year students who are experiencing significant difficulties with this course may request a change in their chemistry placement to the next lower chemistry course. It is important to understand that after Drop/Add ends on 9/4/09, this change can only be made IF IT DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY OTHER CHANGES IN YOUR SCHEDULE. If you think you may want to drop back to a lower level chemistry course, be sure that your schedule is OPEN at the lecture, recitation and lab times of the next lower level chemistry course prior to the end of Drop/Add on September 4. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Christopher Roy at [email protected]
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material during the exam is also forbidden and will be considered violation of the Duke University honor code. In the event of an excused absence from an hour examination, a normalized final examination score will be used to calculate the final grade. If a student misses one hour exam, the final exam will account for 42.5% of his/her grade.
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syllabus_CHEM151L_003_F2009 - CHEM151L.003-F2009 Fall 2009...

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