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E RRATA Study Guide and Solutions Manual, Fifth Edition by Marc Loudon and Joseph G. Stowell to accompany Organic Chemistry, 5th Edition, by Marc Loudon Date of this release: October 8, 2009 Items marked with an asterisk (*) were corrected in the second printing. Chapter 1 p. 2 In the second line from the bottom, the expression should be 4.8 ± 10 –10 , not 4.8 ÷ 10 –10 . Chapter 2 p. 17 In the first display, the condensed formula for isopentane should have two, not three, methyl groups. It should be (CH 3 ) 2 CHCH 2 CH 3 . p. 20 In Problem 2.10(a), one carbon has two labels. The correct label should be t . The correct structure is p. 21 The name in the solution to Problem 2.13(a) has incorrect numbers. The name should be 1,1,2,4- tetraethyl-3-methylcyclobutane. p. 23 In Problem 2.32(a), the substituent name “dimethyl” should be cited before “propyl.” Chapter 3 p. 36 Although the solution to the problem is correct, there are two errors leading up to it. First, the initial equation is wrong (font errors by the compositor): K eq = 10 ² G °/2.30 RT = 10 –(–2.93)/5.71 = 10 0.513 = 3.26 Then, in the second equation below the table, there is a superfluous “=” sign and a minor numerical error; the equation should read x 2 ± 0.607 x + 0.02 = 0 The correct quadratic expression and the solution follow from this.
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Fifth Edition Text Errata, October 8, 2009, p. 2
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Errata_SGSM5E - Study Guide and Solutions Manual, Fifth...

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