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Japanese History 5 - Japanese History 5 Kobayashi Masaki...

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Japanese History 5 Kobayashi Masaki, The Human Condition III: A Soldier's Prayer, Part 6: Quiet as Death Kaji and other soldiers, while walking through enemy territory, spot Russians. Kaji kills one and now they’re waiting for the Russians to stop shooting. In Manchuria. Russians are killed. Kaji says not to use their guns. Very close to when Russian declared war on Japan after the nuclear bombing of Japan. But Kaji and his soldier party have no way of knowing. Keep moving south Finds an abandoned settlement. Kaji spots a woman. Japanese people start creeping out. Trying to pass the railroad and go toward the South. The people complain that soldiers keep coming, looting their fields, taking their food. What is to become of the people living there? The old man says that after Japanese soldiers come through, Russian machine gun fire chatter. Woman says that the Russians are nicer and bring them food than the Japanese army. Japanese army basically rapes them and takes what they want. Asks the soldier to help them steal corn and potatoes from the Russians. The Women steal the food, soldiers provide protection. More women than men at the settlement. The women baisically pair off the men to sleep with them. Kaji asks if that woman is married. Must we starve because of our marriages? How can they return to normal lives when they go home? During nights with men, talk of how to get back home. Its temporary…never lasts. The men always leave at dawn. Women waste no tears. Believe that they’ll never see their loved ones again. Eat to survive, no hope left. Its common fate. Frightening. Women have lost all hope…no place to go, cant meet their husbands, etc. The woman keeps asking Kaji to go sleep with her. Kaji keeps thinking of Michiko…their promise, getting closer… In the morning, some soldiers are extremely happy. Even want to take the women with them.
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Japanese History 5 - Japanese History 5 Kobayashi Masaki...

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