Japanese History 7

Japanese History 7 - Japanese History 7 Fires on the Plain...

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Japanese History 7 Fires on the Plain Ichikawa Ko A soldier returns from the hospital. Office yells at him since he gave him 5days worth of rations and the soldier came back 3days ago. Everyone in the company is starving. 3 groups take turn foraging for yams and bananas. The officer says to go back to the hospital. If they don’t re-admit him then he is to kill himself with a grenade. [PFC Tamura] Japanese soldiers digging air raid shelters with pans and sticks even though the enemy doesn’t even attack them. The soldiers are starving PFC Tamura is very polite towards his fellow soldiers. While walking, unpacks his yams and sees the grenade. Quickly puts it back, starts to walk and momentarily forgets his food. Walking through the forest, it seems as though Tamura is going crazy. Tamura sees a house and the man welcomes him inside to eat. The man walks away to get him some yams and Tamura sees that he actually went off to get friends to kill Tamura. Tamura runs away. Tamura finally makes it to the hospital. The hospital tells Tamura to go back. If you can walk, your not a patient. The soldiers at the hospital don’t believe in fighting anymore. Some want to become POWs to the American army. Someone states that the Americans would kill them. Tamura begins to eat his beans and gives some to the man who only has 1 yam left. I won’t forget your kindness. The man who had yams wants some beans too, but Tamura says no. A man pisses himself because he has no strength to stand up. icykoreanboy21 (2:29:50 PM): a gung ho soldier who still wants to fight on icykoreanboy21 (2:29:59 PM): someone is caught stealing yams and is caught icykoreanboy21 (2:30:07 PM):
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Japanese History 7 - Japanese History 7 Fires on the Plain...

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