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Japanese History 8 Final

Japanese History 8 Final - Japanese History 8 Final Paper...

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Japanese History 8 Final Paper Film: Ichikawa Kon, The Burmese Harp , [1956, 116 min.] Japanese serving in Burma- End of the War. July 1945 tides turn against the Japanese in Burma. His company attempting to cross the border into Thailand. PFC Mizushima- has a harp. The song probably has a soothing effect on the retreating soldiers. Everybody begins to sing together- everybody looks toward the company leader. Everyone marching- captain graduated from music school Lift their spirits in times of sorrow and pain. Uses the harp to their advantage for scouting. Caught by 3 Burmese people. All clear song is played. These soldiers are quite nice and cordial for the Burmese hosting the Japanese. All the Burmese people leave once the Ja. Leader says they will sing them a tune. Ambush? The British has surrounded them. But the Japanese need their ammo boxes Use singing and dancing to circumvent the British from thinking that their cover is blown.
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