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Japanese History 9 Final

Japanese History 9 Final - Japanese History 9 Final Black...

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Japanese History 9 Final Black Rain 1989 Imamura Shohei based on a novel by Ibuse Masuji Impact on the civilian population due to the atomic bomb Begins with an everyday ritual of civilians and then it shows the atomic bomb exploding. People are on a boat when it begins to rain- oil (black rain). A boy heavily burned…his skin is peeling off. His own brother questions his identity A woman is holding her burned, black baby. People walking aimlessly, having no concern for life. 1950. Yasuko and mr. Shizuma go see the doctor. Yasuko is cleared of any radiation sickness so now she can marry. People are feeling the effects of the radiation. Mr. Shizuma has radiation sickness and cannot work. Seiko is a soldier probably who puts blocks under trucks during the war and is a habit now. The marriage proposal didn’t work. That the doctor was helping victims of the atomic bomb. health matters first. The black rain was poisonous. And it showered over Yasuko.
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