2-1-08 - 2-1-08 addiction something that alters mood...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-1-08 addiction something that alters mood dealing with mood that is not appealing #1 addiction is thinking the past we think in terms of the past, and cannot see the present b/c it deals with #2 doing addiction love is about being in the present to understand love, love is unity (enter their world) sin Eric Fomm them" they take us away from the present seperation from the state of love "people thinking that their problem with love is not finding someone to love Ignorance to who we are when we think that are bad don't feel secure when you compare to others, you are sinful guilt is mild form of shame we suffer b/c we are ignorant of our inherit goodness mercentile mentality good be people do bad things love frees you from self-consciousness be comfortable with who you are shame is when you feel seperated from love ...
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