ME 111L Lab Unit 1 part 1

ME 111L Lab Unit 1 part 1 - different lab sections, it can...

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ME 111L Lab Unit 1 Individual Work After superimposing the true stress-strain diagrams for the 1018 cold drawn and 1018 hot rolled steels, I approximated an amount that the 1018 cold drawn steel was overworked by. In terms of true plastic strain, this amount is approximately .16(mm/mm). The 1018 Hot Rolled steel nominal composition Fe-0.18 wt.% C is similar to the 1045 Hot Rolled steel nominal composition Fe-0.45 wt.% C, except in that the 1045 has a greater percent weight of Carbon. After analyzing all of the historical data from the four
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Unformatted text preview: different lab sections, it can be seen that in every case the greater % Carbon results in greater yield strength and tensile strength by at least about 14% and 3%, respectively, but by much more on average. The initial hardness is nominally greater in each case. However the greater % weight of Carbon makes it more brittle and it elongates at least 26% less than the .18 wt.% C. The greater composition of Carbon also results in a reduction in area % that is on average about 50% less than that of the lesser composition Carbon....
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