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ME 111L Lab Unit 2 SEM and EDS

ME 111L Lab Unit 2 SEM and EDS - Usman Ansari ME 111L Lab...

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Usman Ansari ME 111L Lab Unit 2 Individual Work SEM and EDS Results The SEM image can be used to identify in a sample the concentration of alpha or beta and eutectic solid microconstituents present. The EDS x-ray spectrum is usually used as an attachment to a SEM. When high energy electrons eject inner-shell core electrons in atoms, core electrons in a higher energy shell shift to the ineer shell and x-rays are emitted as a result. The EDS technology maps out the emission of the x-rays and produces a figure that can be analyzed to further extent. The element map is basically a mapping of the concentration of the specific element. First, the element is placed in the SEM and is showered with electrons. The EDS then observes where the electrons bounce off the element and plots it on the element map. The EDS analysis, the EDS x-ray spectrum, and an element map all deal with displaying the concentration of a specific element in a sample.
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