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Usman Ansari ME 111L Unit 2 Lab 2 Individual Work Increasing the silicon content reduces the amount of primary alpha within the sand cast going from a relatively high (near 100%) of primary alpha for wt% Si of zero to two percent to zero percent of primary alpha (100% eutectic solid) for a 12.6 wt % Si. This gradient of change can be seen in the dominance of dendritic structure for low silicon content alloy to near complete lamellar structure for 12.6 wt% Si content. At 400 degrees Celsius the percentage of Alpha is 92% and Beta is 8%, containing 55% Eutectoid and 45% Primary Alpha. The effect of fast solidification on microstructure is to decrease the particle size of the
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Unformatted text preview: structures created. This generally has the effect of hardening the material while simultaneously making it more brittle. In many instances this may be a desirable trait but the intended use of the material should be known before such a technique should be employed as a loss of ductility will be incurred. This fast solidification will also affect the ratio of dendritic to lamellar structure. • Prepare an excel graph showing fractional amount of micro constituents primary alpha and eutectic solid (alpha + beta), as a function of alloy composition (in wt% Si) for hypoeutectic and eutectic sand cast Al-Si alloy....
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