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ME 111L Unit 2 Lab 2 Individual Work - structures created....

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Usman Ansari ME 111L Unit 2 Lab 2 Individual Work Increasing the silicon content reduces the amount of primary alpha within the sand cast going from a relatively high (near 100%) of primary alpha for wt% Si of zero to two percent to zero percent of primary alpha (100% eutectic solid) for a 12.6 wt % Si. This gradient of change can be seen in the dominance of dendritic structure for low silicon content alloy to near complete lamellar structure for 12.6 wt% Si content. At 400 degrees Celsius the percentage of Alpha is 92% and Beta is 8%, containing 55% Eutectoid and 45% Primary Alpha. The effect of fast solidification on microstructure is to decrease the particle size of the
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Unformatted text preview: structures created. This generally has the effect of hardening the material while simultaneously making it more brittle. In many instances this may be a desirable trait but the intended use of the material should be known before such a technique should be employed as a loss of ductility will be incurred. This fast solidification will also affect the ratio of dendritic to lamellar structure. Prepare an excel graph showing fractional amount of micro constituents primary alpha and eutectic solid (alpha + beta), as a function of alloy composition (in wt% Si) for hypoeutectic and eutectic sand cast Al-Si alloy....
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