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ENGL 198 A / ENVIR 100: TOWN HALL PROJECT / CABRAL / ENGL 198 / sec. a / WINTER QUARTER 2010 Part One : Background / Information Write-Up (1-2 pages) Whether you are occupying the role of country or organization representative, your job in the Town Hall is to convey and support a clear position on climate change / climate change regulations. In this write-up, complete the following: Who are you? Country : demographic, geographical, political, historical background, etc Organization : history, members, governing body, purpose / mission statement, etc Position Global : What is your stakeholder's position on how important the threat of climate change is, how should it be dealt with, and who should be responsible for addressing it? Indicate your country's willingness (if any) to take difficult measures, and what (if any) conditions might go along with it. Local : What is your organization’s position on the proposed carbon tax bill? Would you support it or oppose it? How do you feel about different sizes ($3/$30/$100) for the tax shift? What additional or alternate policies might you suggest, i.e., what amendments
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