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hardin claim - H ung Nguyen 1 What is H a rdins main claim...

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Hung Nguyen 1) What is Hardin’s main claim? Hardin believed that the commons have to be used in a different way rather than widely taken for granted. It is because that the world is not infinite, and as long as we human keeps “harvesting” its resources in a non ingenious way, eventually we have to start thinking seriously about its consequences. 2) What evidence does he provide? Hardin quote an argument from Malthus that said “population naturally tends to grow exponentially. In a finite world this means that the per capita share of the world’s goods must steadily decrease.” He later on strongly emphasized on the impossible of creating enough foods and resources for a growing population. In his essay, Hardin used the phrase: “ each man is locked into a system…” quite a lot to increase his keen argument that even we knows it is not good, we keep repeating doing it. Later on, he supported his claim by saying “freedom to breed is intolerable”. At first, I am not fully agreed with this argument simply because Hardin did not
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