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Hung Nguyen Ms. Cabral ENGL 198 a February 12 th 2010 Influential Figure reflection 1. Compared to my first draft, the final products that I am about to submit is carefully revised in terms of organization and contents. After receiving lots of useful and constructive feedbacks from my peers and the instructor, I was able to spot on some weaknesses in my paper and fix it. For instance, I was told to give more explanations in some quotes and explain why they are significant to the topic that I was writing about. In return, I believe I did a good job adding
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Unformatted text preview: explanation to those points. Another thing that my final paper improved compare to the first draft is the introduction. I think I did make it more interesting and easy to follow rather than the first one. All the revisions that I made contribute to the clarity of my paper and depth of analysis for the issue, which is very important. 2. One of the most proud aspect in my paper was quote-integration....
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