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syllabus 198-print - 1 ENGL 198 A INTERDISCIPLINARY WRITING...

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1 ENGL 198 A INTERDISCIPLINARY WRITING LINK / ENVIR 100 / CABRAL / ENGL 198 / sec. a / WINTER QUARTER 2010 Instructor: Cathryn Cabral Email: [email protected] Office Hours: M 12:00p – 2:00p & BY APPT Office: Padelford B-24 Class Days / Time: MWF / 10:30a – 11:20a Rooms: MW JHN 022 / F MGH 082 Class Email List: [email protected] Class GoPost : https://catalysttools.washington.edu/gopost/board/cathrync/14524/ COURSE OVERVIEW Welcome to ENGLISH 198 sec. a English 198 is a writing-intensive course linked with ENVIR 100: Environmental Studies: Interdisciplinary Foundations. This course is designed to help you develop, within the context of the discipline, the critical writing, reading, and thinking skills essential to academic inquiry and analytical writing. To enter the conversation of the academy (to participate in and contribute to academic discourse), you will need to learn how to analyze texts, navigate UW libraries systems and other research avenues, evaluate sources and evidence, and construct cogent, thoughtful, well organized academic arguments. We will target these learning goals by engaging the content of the lecture course and exploring what it means to write and research in the field and the academy at large. The writing you do here will be based on the materials you receive for ENVIR 100 as well as supplemental readings I will distribute in class. It is imperative that you keep up with the readings, lectures, and activities for both classes. The process of critical inquiry and learning to think and write in a disciplinary context is a product of both training and practice. Writing will be used to generate critical thinking and greater understanding of texts and concepts as well as a presentation of your own evaluations and arguments. Through multiple drafts, peer reviews, self-evaluations, in-class workshops and conferences you will learn the skills you need to persuasively and effectively articulate your ideas and hopefully come to understand writing as an essential component of the learning process. In short, we will practice writing to learn as a facet of learning to write (in academic contexts).
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2 This is a separate course from ENVIR 100 and you should treat it as such. While we may share assignments, my expectations may differ from your instructors in ENVIR 100. It is imperative
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