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ENVIR 100 Autumn 2010 UW Farm Tour KEY Combs/Combest-Friedman/Wheat Sustainable Agriculture and Urban Farming 1. What is sustainable agriculture? Sustainable agriculture is growing food in a way that does not impair future generations’ ability to grow food. 2. How does urban farming make a city more sustainable? Reduce travel for food, Carbon storage, Decrease heat island effect, Increase biodiversity (i.e., pollinators etc.) 3. What are some principles of sustainable agriculture? Sustain soil health , composting, crop rotation, cover crop, polyculture, integrated pest management 4. Identify 3 major differences between large scale commercial/industrial and sustainable agriculture? SA farms: smaller, compost use, hand labor, higher biodiversity, more polyculture (i.e. see principles) 5. What would change for you if you only ate food that was produced sustainably ? How would you feel about those changes? (higher-order thinking question, Not on exam) 6. How does sustainable agriculture relate to food security issues?
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