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Outside Seminar Rubric - An Inconvenient Truth as long as...

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ENVIR 100 Outside Seminar Assignment You must attend a seminar outside of class that is relevant to environmental studies and write up a 1-2  page double-spaced discussion paper about it. We expect you to address who spoke, what was the title  of the talk, what was the content of the talk, where was it held, when and what group was sponsoring, etc.  What did you think about the seminar and why? Please note that this is not supposed to be a difficult or  time-consuming assignment; rather, it is our attempt to get you to explore what the UW has to offer. Here is the College of the Environment  calendar of events . You are also welcome to attend another event  as long as you clear it with your TA. With their permission, you can also watch a movie (like 
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Unformatted text preview: An Inconvenient Truth ) as long as you watch it with 2-3 other people and discuss it for 15-20 minutes afterwards. Have fun with this! Outside Seminar Grading Criteria Category Criteria Points Spelling & Grammar Correct spelling and grammar must be used. Make sure to proofread and use spell-check. 5 Description Who spoke, what was the title, what was the content of the talk, where was it held, when and what group was sponsoring, etc. 5 Discussion What did you think about the seminar and why? 5 Note that the importance of each assignment is given on the syllabus and may not be reflected in the point totals. Total points: 15...
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