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CH8_Page_05 - 8.14(a approximately 7 GPa{h approximately...

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Unformatted text preview: 8.14 (a) approximately 7 GPa; {h} approximately 4100 K; {c} does not melt at 3000 K under pressures less titan 30 GPa; (d) The phase diagram indicates that diamonds are not flierrnodynamioally stable (see Chapter 6) under normal conditions; the}.r appear to he so because the rate of oonversion is very slow. We sag,r that diamonds are metrically insrr. 3.16 (a) graphite -—> diamond; (h) The diarnondfgraphite interface line has a positive slope; hence diamond is denser than graphite. The diamondfliquid line has a negative slope, hence diamond is less dense than liquid carbon. The order is graphite s: diamond <2 liquid. 58.20 (a) 1 am: 5 100“” ---- Liquid-Gas 3am: sass: m‘c Thupet‘alfll’fi (h) The heating curve for a sample of this material will resemble this sketch {not to scale}: Vapor Temp. Increasing Eva oration Liquid Temp. Increasing [-' H Solid Temp. Increasing 231 ...
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