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CH9_Page_38 - K a=[N012 ={x[Nziiozi(xxx = l(x represents...

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Unformatted text preview: K: a= [N012 = {x}? [Nziiozi (xxx) = l (x represents fl'le males of each reactant and the pro-duet, and assuming that the volume maintains constant hefere and after reaction) 217003: an=ln[l)=fl=2.5—{21TU{IIK]FT; T= =3630K (g) Basedenequatien: anZ: fiH' '[1 l ——— ;T1=353[},K|= I,T2= K. R a a M: lEflflK =2ITDOK, K 1nT==21mu[L—L]=_is.as-K1=1ff1 >< It?“T 8681'.) 120G Since the initial mixture is equinielar in the We reactants, the initial partial preasure of each reactant is 2.130 bar Initial pressure (bar) change —_— l ! ! E l K = ——[2xJ2 =1.Tl x 10'? i ii I | I l ! l i {2.0a - ix): Since K value is small, 2.00 — x a: 2.0!] Solve fern: x = 4.14 X IDJ' a: =2nn —-4.14><l[l_4 =10st Pg): =2nn —4.i4><1t3‘4=2.t]0har a0 = 2x4.l4xlfl"‘ = 3.2sx104bar 294 ...
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