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Lyn Final Paper #6 The Balance of the Western Society Magic is something that Western society does not place much emphasis or importance on. In tribal cultures, such as those visited by David Abram, shamans control magic and keep a balance between the tribal society and nature. The balance that exists is vital to the functioning of their society. David Abram discusses the idea of magic in his work, “The Ecology Of Magic”. Abram speaks of the purpose of shamans and their power to keep the balance within the tribal society. Peter Drucker in his work, “The Age of Social Transformation”, discusses the rise of the knowledge society and the function of the knowledge workers. Drucker also addresses the need for a balance within this society. Henry Petroski discusses the idea of failure and how almost everything is subject to failure in his work, To Engineer is Human . The imbalance that Abram views in the Western society is due to the uprise of knowledge workers and their susceptibility to various failures. Thus, the Western society is in need for a sector, such as the social sector, to provide a balance much like the shamans provide for the tribal culture. Abram discusses the magician and where his knowledge is applied within the tribal cultures. Abram says, “ For the magician’s intelligence is not encompassed within the society; its place is at the edge of the community, mediating between the human community and the large community of beings upon which the village depends for its nourishment and sustenance” (Abram 3). The shamans stay in a strategic location so that they can keep a balance between nature and the community. For the knowledge society, the intelligence is encompassed within the society not on the outskirts like the shamans. Drucker describes knowledge workers and the importance of their application of intelligence within the society.
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Drucker says, “They require a good deal of formal education and the ability to acquire and to apply theoretical and analytical knowledge” (Drucker 253). Our society places great emphasis on intelligence and “formal education” being applied within the community, while the indigenous tribal cultures that Abram studied placed a much greater emphasis on magic and intelligence being at the “edge of the community”. Our society looks toward logic within the culture more than the unseen or mystical. Thus, the Western society is not one in which magic is particularly looked at as important like that of the indigenous tribal cultures. The knowledge workers are on a rise within our society.
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this_is_an_a - Lyn Final Paper #6 The Balance of the...

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