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CH10_Page_39 - [HEB-t = lefl pH = —log[H3~D = i log Kw...

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Unformatted text preview: [HEB-t] = lefl pH = —log[H3~D+ = i log Kw 111K” =—fl—IU.43 T zoos log Kw = r%—io.43 log K“, =—E-4.529 T H——llugK p 2 w pH=Elml+2254 T 10.113 Recall so; = —RT In K = sH; — ms; and K =1o-e‘ and lug:EL i-i ,thevan’tI-Ioffequafion. K] R T. T: Reanauging and plugging in values, K M;=fl—2 KI] l 1 Ila—Iii” l — 1 f" "I: 293 K 3-33 K =(3.flflfl}[?.381xifl' I-mol'l} = 221.4 kJ-moi" s3; =R1ns+fifr R [In 10'1”““] 3.314 J'K_1*Iflul_l 221.4x1031-mo1—' = 3.314 1-K". 1-1 lnii}"5~'3‘ + I: m0 ) t ) 293K = 465.9 J -K'1 wool"l The sign on M: is positive because of the randomization that occurs as deuterons dissociate and redistribute throughout the liquid. From the results above, the “autoprotolysis” constant of heavy water mats 333 ...
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