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Mktg Video Discussion Q & A

Mktg Video Discussion Q & A - efficiency-During the...

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1. As described in the video, what is the channel structure for an Ecuadorian rose sold in a flower shop in France? Farm (Ecuador) Stephane (Agent who helps companies buy flowers) G & G (Freight Forwarder/Forwarding agent) Wholesale flower market Delivery agent (local) Driver Retailer Consumer 2. Given the nature of the product, is this the channel structure you would expect? Why or why not? What else likely influences this channel’s structure? (Hint: four categories of channel selection factors) -High perishability increases the channel length. -Geographically dispersed, Low cost/ price. -Consumers want to see variety. -Producers need help with intermediaries because they don’t own their own transportation. 3. Identify a specific example from the video that demonstrates each of the four qualities of an effective channel: a. Reduces the number of marketplace contacts, boosting exchange efficiency
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Unformatted text preview: efficiency-During the flower auction-Representative from each channel member b. Matches consumers’ needs to companies’ products (sorting)-How channel helps with sorting-Purchasing agent (Different countries prefer different variety, ie. Long stem, full bloom, big buds…) c. Facilitates information flow through the channel-Live order tracking (G & G)-Agent on cell phone 24/7 d. Standardizes exchange transactions, making them efficient and fair-Prices start high and goes lower fair manages potential conflict-Expectations are clear, temperature check, night delivery system, handover keys 4. What channel conflicts do (or could) occur, and how are they managed? There could be conflicts between any channel members.-Workers treat flower harshly ruining quality require supervision from agent-Temperature checks to ensure flowers are in top condition until it reaches the end consumer...
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Mktg Video Discussion Q & A - efficiency-During the...

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