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Sample Final Exam Questions - Sample Questions for Comm...

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Sample Questions for Comm 296/Comm 465 Final Exam December 2009 The following questions are only samples . This does not mean that these questions or topics will be on the exam, or that they are the only topics on the exam; however, this should give you an idea of what kind of questions to expect. Just memorizing the material is not enough – you need to be able to apply the concepts to various marketing situations. Always be specific in your answers , and use the correct terminology. Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) 1) You have decided to set up a restaurant. a) Identify how you would segment your market and why. (4 marks) b) List some of the segmentation variables that you chose not to use, and explain why you did not use them. (3 marks) c) Which segment(s) would you target, and why? (3 marks) Hints: This question is almost completely open to your recommendation – i.e. I would not have one set answer in mind – you simply need to imagine your restaurant (it would be helpful to write a couple points about the type/class of restaurant, to set the stage for me) and then choose segmentation bases and variables that would suit your restaurant. Remember to use more than one variable and to draw at least one of your variables from either psychographic or behavioural bases (i.e. use more than just demographic and geographic segmentation bases and variables). This question also asks you to explain why you excluded certain variables, so don’t forget that part of your answer. It also asks you to choose appropriate segment(s) – again, this would be open to your recommendation. This question would be graded on the logic and reference to the right concepts in determining your recommendation (i.e. your explanation of “why?”) 2) a) What is a positioning map and why would an organization use it? (2 marks) b) What factors would cause an organization to try to reposition its product? (2 marks) Hints: Positioning maps are one application of the concept of positioning – the product’s/brand’s/ company’s position in the mind of a given target market – so you would need to reference positioning in explaining the purpose of a positioning map. o Remember that positioning = target market + differentiation ; in other words, positioning is always: a) specific to a given target market; and b) relative to the competition (i.e. your product’s unique or differentiated benefits) Repositioning is done to change the position of a product in the target market’s mind for a number of reasons: something in the environment (e.g. CREST factors) has changed (Competitive is the most common catalyst for repositioning); the target market has changed; or something internal (e.g. organizational mission, objectives, Strengths or Weaknesses, etc.) has changed.
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Sample Final Exam Questions - Sample Questions for Comm...

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