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11-class notes - 9/27/2009 Today class 11 McDonalds coffee...

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9/27/2009 1 Today – class 11 • McDonalds coffee – how hot should the coffee be? – Friedman, Utilitarianism • Moral Rules and Rights; Rawls Social Contract; • Brander (4, pp 59-65 – Rawls, procedural fairness and rights) Next Class – Ford’s Pinto Comm. 394 – Barbara Spencer "Ford's Pinto" - [Package] – must read case • Moved- Group based vs. Individual fairness; Brander (4; 65-68) – will discuss just after Ford’s Pinto and Value of Life. Ford Pinto Questions to Prepare • What are the background facts? • Cost-benefit analysis – Is this the right approach? Compare with a decision based on profit maximization. – Was the cost benefit analysis done correctly? • Do companies have ethical responsibilities to surpass government mandated standards? Comm. 394 – Barbara Spencer – surpass government mandated standards? – Inform customers of possible safety problems • How would you propose to value life?
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9/27/2009 2 How to decide on the temperature? McDonalds coffee case – last class Friedman’s approach Are the punitive damages relevant? Comm. 394- Barbara Spencer Utilitarian Approach McDonalds coffee • Consider a reduction in temperature – Welfare increases if there is a net increase in utility after adding up gains and losses of everyone affected. • What are the gains and losses? – increased consumer utility from fewer burns.
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11-class notes - 9/27/2009 Today class 11 McDonalds coffee...

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