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Is the internet browser software market a separate relevant product market from the operating system market? Internet browsers are in a separate relevant product market. According to definition of Relevant Product market, two or more products can be considered substitute goods and are considered competitive among each other. Also an Internet browser is a specialized software program that allows computer users to locate, access, display and use applications located on the Internet's World Wide Web or on internal corporate computer networks known as intranets. Today, a browser is the mainly a medium to the Internet and allows computer users to access and
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Unformatted text preview: view "pages" on the World Wide Web. Browsers constitute a separate product market because a distinct consumer demand exists for browsers, apart from operating systems. For example, many PC users buy stand alone web-browsers apart from the Operation system due to various factors like preference, pricing, ease of use, features, compatibility etc. Also in many cases many corporate users only purchase the Operation system and don’t want a browser at all on their PC’s. Moreover, when ordering new PC’s from OEM’s consumers have a separate demand for a particular browser apart from the Microsoft operating system and its IE web-browser....
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