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Ornithology Exam 1 - Ornithology Exam 1 Gaviformes(order...

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Ornithology Exam 1 Gaviformes(order)- loons Behavior: Chicks are Semi-precocial (can leave nest immediately and swim on their own but still need to be fed by the adults) Chicks exhibit backriding Very protective when breeding Unique and loud vocally Diving- eat fish and crustaceans Breed on shoreline of a lake Podicipediformes(order) –grebes Behavior/unique Lobed feet not webbed Can sink into the water Dives to avoid predators Eats fish and crustaceans Breeds in bays and sloughs Most birds are active around 6:00am and 6:00pm, dawn and dusk Year cycle: o Jan-April Migration and fallout o April-Aug Territory: Pairing, nesting, o Sept.-Dec. Fall flocking and migration Birds are High powered o 103-104 degrees body temp o Faster heart rate o Faster blood flow o Faster metabolism o Lungs/resp. system consume more O2 by having a unidirectional flow: only fresh air Relations with birds: o Chickens are a result of selective breeding. o Egg collecting o Native Americans used decoys to catch ducks o Use feathers of birds for dress and apparel o Artistic pieces: Phoenix and Thunderbird o Ceremonies: Ibis were mummified o Folk lore: eagle= power, owl=wisdom, dove=peace o Poetic o Music and dance Movement o Hopping
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o Running o Waddle- penguin o Toboggan- penguin o Swimming o Diving o Climbing Penguins can dive ~1000 feet due to NOT hollow bones and they have air sacs Evolution o Convergent: bats, birds and insects developed wings for the same function even though they had different ancestors o Divergent: one species evolves to many different species o Co-adaptation: Birds adapt to flower shape Differentiating bird features: o Leg scales (investment) o Toe arrangements o palate o voice structure o behavior o genetics (protein analysis)/DNA good for speciation Corolus Linnaeus o Developed the binomial system (2 names) Kingdom-anamalia Phylum- chordata Class- Aves Order- 30 orders
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