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COIS 435H High Performance Computing Winter 2010 Assignment 1 Due date: January 29 (9am) Question 1 (20 points) You have been assigned the task of computing the sum of 1 000 four-digit numbers as fast as possible. You hold in your hands a stack of 1 000 index cards, each containing a single number, and you are in charge of 1 000 accountants (each with a calculator). You may choose to use the services of any of those accountants. The accountants are sitting at desks, which are organized into 25 rows and 40 columns. Each accountant can pass cards to the nearest four accountants: to the right, to the left, in front, and behind. (4 points for each part) a) Describe a fast method of distributing cards to accountants. b) Describe a fast method to accumulate the subtotals generated by the active accountants into a grand total. c) Draw a graph that plots your best estimate of the time needed to compute the grand total as a function of the number of accountants you choose to use.
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Unformatted text preview: d) Add another curve to the graph you drew in c), to estimate the time needed to compute the grand total of 10 000 numbers, given anywhere form 1 to 10 000 accountants. e) Explain why 1 000 accountants cannot perform the task 1 000 times faster than 1 accountant. Question 2 (20 points) Has Moore’s law as discussed in class held over the past 5 years? What trend to you expect for the future and why? Question 3 (20 points) Consider the MIMD category in Flynn’s taxonomy. Propose a new classification scheme for architectures in this category only, explain your reasons for choosing the classification scheme, and show where the different architectures we discussed in class can be placed in your taxonomy. Question 4 (20 points) Discuss how elements of vector processors are used in modern processors. Question 5 (20 points) Implement the HelloWorld program on the cluster and run it for 2 and 4 processors....
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