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Quiz 7: For Loops 2 Name: ASE 201 Assume that your workspace has an array, A. You have no prior knowledge of the dimensions nor the values in A. Using FOR loops, write the code that will calculate three values: 1. The maximum value in the array 2. The minimum value in the array 3. The average of all the values in the array
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Unformatted text preview: You may not use any built-in MATLAB functions except to find the dimensions of A. Solution: %quiz7.m [n,m] = size(A); min = A(1,1); max = A(1,1); ave = 0; for j = 1:n for k = 1:m ave = ave + A(j,k); if A(j,k) > max max = A(j,k); elseif A(j,k) < min min = A(j,k); end end end ave = ave / (n*m);...
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