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Quiz 4: While Loops Name: ASE 201 Write a MATLAB script (BE SURE TO USE MATLAB NOTATION!) that will determine the exact number of colored balls in a sequence of N balls input by the user. There are only 3 possibil- ities: blue, red and yellow. Blue will correspond to ‘B’, red will correspond to ‘R’ and yellow will correspond to ‘Y’. 1. Read in the total number of balls in the sequence N . 2. Read-in the color of each ball individually. 3. Keep track of the total number of each color entered. 4. Displays the total number of each color entered. You may use disp() or fprintf(). Note that unlike the assignment you completed, this program should only be called once.
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Unformatted text preview: Solution: %quiz4.m clear N = input(Enter the number of balls in the sequence: ); num_R = 0; num_B = 0; num_Y = 0; k = 0; while k < N k = k+1; color = input(Enter the color of ball: ,s); % switch(color) % case R % num_R = num_R + 1; % case B % num_B = num_B + 1; % case Y % num_Y = num_Y + 1; % end if color == R num_R = num_R + 1; elseif color == B num_B = num_B + 1; else num_Y = num_Y + 1; end end fprintf(\n Number of Red = %g \t Number of Blue = %g \t Number of Yellow = %g \n, . .. num_R,num_B,num_Y)...
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