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Quiz3_Solutions - Quiz 3 Advanced Decisions ASE 201 Name...

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Quiz 3: Advanced Decisions Name: ASE 201 Write a MATLAB script (BE SURE TO USE MATLAB NOTATION!) that will assign a letter grade based on the percent score. The script should perform the following tasks 1. Read-in two variables. One variable should be the points possible and the other should be the points scored. 2. Calculate the percent score. 3. Gives a letter grade based on the following grading scale: 100 score 90 A 90 > score 80 B 80 > score 70 C 70 > score 60 D 60 > score F 4. Displays the percent score and letter grade. You may use disp() or fprintf(). The output of the program should look something like this if you were to run it on MATLAB:
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