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exam2pg2 - R 8.314 J(K mol 0.082 Latin(K0 mol l...

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Unformatted text preview: R - 8.314 J/(K- mol) - 0.082 Latin/(K0 mol) l. True/Fake (10 point: each). canary the statements below as either True or Paine (No explanation required). met $1.2 in an adiabatic process. the worlg done he again equals + system. .4“ . Aw - f E ‘% JJ The maximal efficiency ul‘a heat engine. 1: is r: at I“ I" l‘ . where “Ii, and T,‘ are the temperatures of the hot and cold >sides ol‘thc heat e ngine. respectively. — T I 9% Q, 1.4 The Gibbs free energy. 0 decreases more in an irrucaiblwcss than in a reversible case having the same initial and final Slates. oi; c 0 mt spam-Mew (tannins Q 1.5, The enthalpy ofan ideal gas docs not depend on pressure (while temperature is kept constant). ‘ ‘ ...
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