2.1.10 - Announcements Review sheet will pass out on...

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Announcements Review sheet – will pass out on Wednesday. Midterm exam, February 17. In the news: State of the Union message. Obama’s criticism of the Supreme Court decision we have been talking about. o Citizens United Case (authorized corporations to authorize independent ads during campaign) Obama’s meeting with the Republicans on Friday. Obama submits $3.83 trillion budget with a $1.58 trillion deficit (Youtube State of Union speech) Obama went to Republican convention in Baltimore Federalism, PS104: February 1, 2010 Federalism Exxon Valdez (oil spill) example. o Overlapping Federal and State laws. Some of fish is covered by federal law (that travel around across state lines), others by state law (who don’t move across state lines). o Impact on the fishermen who were trying to sue in court. Hurricane Katrina o Inefficiency of federal response to crisis Local government, state government, and national government were confused and finger pointing (no clear lines of communication) Defining Federalism o A system of government with at least two levels of government, in which each level has some decision making autonomy and shares responsibility for governing the same territory. Unitary (most common form of government in the world. One government in charge of their country), federal, and confederal (not as common. Example would be Articles of Confederation. States more independent than the national government. Another example of confederation would be the European Union and former Soviet Union states). Historical Context The Iroquois Confederacy o controversy over identifying the impact they had on the Founders. state-centered federalism vs. nation-centered federalism
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o Example: Where should locus of health care be? State or national power? o Early experience nation-centered : national bank, over the objections of Jefferson the Sedition Act of 1798 o made it a crime to criticize the government. Clearly unconstitutional.
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2.1.10 - Announcements Review sheet will pass out on...

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