Chapter5PracticeQuiz - 1. When informed that a brief...

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1. When informed that a brief imperceptible message would be flashed repeatedly during a popular TV program, many viewers reported feeling strangely hungry or thirsty during the show. Since the imperceptible message had nothing to do with hunger or thirst, viewers' strange reactions best illustrate: A) the McGurk effect. B) sensory adaptation. C) the volley principle. D) a placebo effect. E) accommodation. 2. The process by which our sensory systems convert stimulus energies into neural messages is called: A) accommodation. B) sensory adaptation. C) transduction. D) parallel processing. E) sensory interaction. 3. Our sense of the position and movement of individual body parts is called: A) feature detection. B) accommodation. C) kinesthesis. D) sensory interaction. E) the vestibular sense. 4. The opponent-process theory is to our sense of color as the gatecontrol theory is to our sense of: A) pitch. B) smell. C) equilibrium. D) kinesthesis. E) pain. 5. Which theory would suggest that watching a horror movie late at night could lower your absolute threshold for sound as you subsequently tried to fall asleep? A) sensory adaptation theory B) opponentprocess theory C) frequency theory D) signal detection theory 6. In order to experience color constancy it is helpful to view things: A) from very short distances. B) for long periods of time. C) under low levels of illumination. D) in relation to surrounding objects. Page 1
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7. Receptor cells for our sense of ________ reproduce themselves every week or two. A) vision
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Chapter5PracticeQuiz - 1. When informed that a brief...

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