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CHAPTER 2 (OBJECTIVES): NEUROSCIENCE AND BEHAVIOR 1. Explain why psychologists are concerned with human biology. 2. Describe the structure of a neuron and explain how neural impulses are generated. 3. Describe how nerve cells communicate. 4. Discuss the impact of neurotransmitters and psychoactive drugs on human behavior. 5. Identify the major divisions of the nervous system and describe their functions. 6. Describe the three types of neurons that transmit information through the system. 7. Contrast the simplicity of neural pathways involved in reflexes with the complexity of neural networks. 8. Describe several techniques for studying the brain. 9. Describe the functions of the brainstem, thalamus, cerebellum, and limbic system.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Identify the four lobes of the cerebral cortex. 11. Describe the sensory and motor functions of the cerebral cortex. 12. Discuss the importance of the associative areas of the cerebral cortex. 13. Describe how damage to various cortical areas can impair language functioning. 14. Describe the capacity of the brain to reorganize after damage or illness. 15. Describe research on the split brain and discuss what it reveals about normal brain functioning. 16. Discuss the relationships among brain organization, right- and left-handedness and physical health. 17. Describe the components and functions of the endocrine system and its interaction with the nervous system....
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