Chapter6PracticeQuiz - 1. Because she mistakenly thought...

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Fiona perceived the mountain to be ________ than it actually was. A) higher B) smaller C) more richly colorful D) larger 2. Young children tend to draw human figures in a rather unrealistic way. This reflects their: A) selective attention to monocular cues. B) selective attention to legs and feet. C) linear perspective. D) perceptual schemas. E) perceptual adaptations. 3. The organizational principles identified by Gestalt psychologists best illustrate the importance of: A) perceptual constancy. B) retinal disparity. C) top-down processing. D) perceptual adaptation. E) visual capture. 4. As the farmer looked across her field, the parallel rows of young corn plants appeared to converge in the distance. This provided her with a distance cue known as: A) proximity. B) linear perspective. C) closure. D) continuity. E) interposition. 5. Research with distorting goggles best supports the view of human perception advanced by: A) Locke. B) Freud. C) Kant. D) Aristotle. 6. While a student provided directions to a construction worker, two experimenters rudely interrupted by passing between them carrying a door. The student's failure to notice that the construction worker was replaced by a different person during this interruption illustrates: A) retinal disparity. B) visual capture. C) stroboscopic movement. D) perceptual adaptation. E) change blindness.
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Chapter6PracticeQuiz - 1. Because she mistakenly thought...

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