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BUAD 121 – Principles of Advertising Business Administration Kellogg Community College Instructor: Mrs. Kimberly K. Montney Office: Classroom Building Room C260 Office Telephone: (269) 965-3931 ext. 2505 E-Mail Address: [email protected] Website Address: Office Hours: As posted on instructors office door, my website, or by appointment. Catalog Description: An analysis of advertising’s role in modern marketing and how it helps sell goods, services, and ideas. The principles of layout design, copy, media structure, media analysis and selection, budgeting, and campaign strategies are covered. These are applied through numerous projects, which emphasize advertising practice in addition to theory. A study is made of the behavioral sciences and their relationship to effective advertising practice. Length: One semester, 48 hours instruction, 3 credit hours. Text: ESSENTIALS OF CONTEMPORARY ADVERTISING, William F. Arens and David H. Schaefer published by McGraw Hill Irwin Email for Students: All KCC students are provided with e-mail accounts through the College server. You will be responsible for checking your KCC e-mail regularly and should be prepared to use KCC e-mail as part of student-College interaction. If you wish to use your own email account, not KCC’s, it is imperative that you still check your email with Kellogg Community College. I don’t want the responsibilities of you not getting what is needed for this class – it is YOUR responsibility to check your mail properly. What to Expect: I highly recommend you keep this syllabus and place it in a spot where you can refer to it when needed. I have tried rather hard to show you everything you need to know in this syllabus. Please, if you find something missing, let me know because I would like to change it in the future and notify all of you quickly with what I may have missed.
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Academic Policies: Dropping: Be sure to check the semesters schedule for drop dates and refund policies. I highly recommend dropping if this is not the class for you. If you do not, you will end up on my class roster at the end of the semester and I will have no recourse but to give you an F for no work being completed. This will affect your overall grade and it is something I DO NOT want to do – please drop if you are not going to finish! Incomplete: ("I") is only given for the most extenuating circumstances. An “incomplete” will not be given if the student shows no progression throughout the course. Attendance is your responsibility: As an adult learner with obligations and commitments, you must make the decision as to the completion of this course. Remember, it is an on-line course and I will not be there watching over you. Please make a great effort to sticking with the schedule so that you can complete this course in the allotted time. You will not be reading the entire book so PLEASE follow the schedule. Cheating is NOT permitted:
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OnlineSyllabus-Essentials - BUAD 121 Principles of...

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