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1. You have been hired by a large public school system to construct a musical aptitude test. Describe how you would standardize your test and assess its reliability and validity. Explain why it might be more difficult to develop a valid musical aptitude test than a reliable one. 2. A classmate makes the following claim: “Despite numerous federally funded Head Start programs and nationwide efforts to desegregate public schools, Blacks continue to lag behind their White counterparts in intelligence and academic achievement. Clearly, Black Americans must be genetically inferior to White Americans.” Use research evidence and logical arguments to intelligently refute your classmate's statement.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Juan is the oldest son of Mexican parents who immigrated to the United States less than five years ago. Juan's high school teachers perceive him to be fairly intelligent, but his SAT scores are low and he is having trouble getting into college. Juan's mother angrily claims that intelligence tests are biased against Hispanics. Juan's father sadly counters, It's not the tests that are biased; it's American education that is biased. Carefully explain why you would agree or disagree with the comments made by each of the parents. Page 1...
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