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Ancient Israel Chronology Relationships Btwn God and Ppl 12 tribes of Israel • The Mosaic Prohibition of Death Cult -- (Leviticus 20:6-7).(Deutronomy 1810-12) The Oldest Israelite Understanding of Death and Afterlife Settlement in Canaan Begining of Kingship Split into North Kingdom (Israel) and South Kingdom (Judah) Babylonian Captivity Alexander the Great took over in 330's Maccabean Revolt (167) ---jewish revolt Apocalypticism Rabbinical Eschatology Rabbinical Concept of Heaven (Gan Eden) • Located in the east, it measures 800,000 years (at 10 mi. per day 3650 mi. per year)
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Unformatted text preview: • The First for non-Jews who became true concerts to judaism • The Second for the penitent Jews • Third - for most devout jews • Fourth for martyrs of faith • Fifth for Messiah ▼ Sinners Damned to Hell -- Concept of Hell • vast area/ as vast as heaven • 7 divisions and each has 7 subdivisions/ 7 rivers of fire 7 rivers of hail • The Angel of Destruction supervises the seven hells and Moses was taken through all of them by the Angel of Destruction • Yahweh - god of israel • MISSING...
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