Intro-to-Fac-Planning-Handout - INTRODUCTION TO FACILITIES...

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Unformatted text preview: INTRODUCTION TO FACILITIES PLANNING For this exercises, work in teams of at most four students. Submit your responses at the end of the class in a different piece of paper and please write the name of all the teammates. Answer only the QUESTIONS FOR TODAY. EXERCISE 1 You have just been hired by Furniture Masters Inc. (FMI), a company that manufactures primarily tables and chairs. FMI is going to serve a new area of the country, and it has been estimated that the main markets will have the following monthly demand: Chicago: 4,000 units. Memphis: 2,000 units. Atlanta: 6,000 units. Miami: 2,500 units. New York: 8,200 units. Boston: 4,500 units. FMI will deliver the product to its customers at its cost. Figure 1: Location of customers to be served. FMI also requires hiring a fair amount of qualified machinists and expert operators of electro-deposition processes, welders and painters, among other specialties....
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Intro-to-Fac-Planning-Handout - INTRODUCTION TO FACILITIES...

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