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Chemistry 513 / Problem Set #5 February 11, 2010 / Due: February 18, 2010 Please use SciFinder for all questions. Also, besides the answer, please indicate to me your search path so I can understand how you approached the questions and recreate your search if necessary. Don’t forget to remove duplicates. For example: Explore References Æ Research Topic Æ “antioxidants in chocolate” Choose top two groups of hits Refine Æ Language Æ English Analysis Æ Author … etc. 1. Thinking about potential problems with searching by author in SciFinder, you need to find the publications of an eminent Purdue University chemist: Robert VanEtten a. How many articles has Dr. VanEtten published since January 1, 1998? (Hint, it is NOT zero.) b. What seems to be his favorite compound to study since January 1, 1998? 2. Approximately how many patents are in SciFinder Scholar that deal with catalysts for asymmetric Heck reactions? 3. A newly hired Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department wants to publish her
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Unformatted text preview: research on nanowire fabrication. Help give her some advice and answer ONLY ONE of the following (your choice) and explain your reasoning (any limits used, further refinements, etc.) to her: ± What are the top 3 journals in the field (i.e., the journals that have published the most articles in this area)—What would be your top three suggestions of where she should publish? ± Who should she be working with related to this research—Who are the top three researchers currently working in this field? ± If she had not come to Purdue, where else might she have chosen to work— What are the top three institutions currently working on this research? 4. a) What is the Chemical Abstracts Index Name for the drug Diazepam (used to treat anxiety)? b) Looking at the Experimental Properties in the CA Registry, what is the range of melting points of this compound? c) Compare this answer by finding another melting point using a resource discussed in Lecture #2 ....
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