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Chapter 7 Slides - formed at endpoint; titration of Ag + in...

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Chapter 7 Titrations Dr. E. Binamira-Soriaga Department of Chemistry Titrations: Terms to Remember ! Titrant/titrand ! End point/equivalence point ! Blank titration ! Titration error ! Standardization ! Primary/secondary standard ! Direct and back titrations Kjeldahl Analysis ! Used for quantitative determination of N in substances such as protein, milk, cereal, flour, etc…. . ! Steps include: Kjeldahl digestion: Organic C, H, N ! NH 4 + + CO 2 + H 2 O Neutralization of NH 4 + : NH 4 + + OH ! NH 3 + H 2 O Distillation of NH 3 into standard HCl: NH 3 + H 3 O + (excess) ! NH 4 + + H 2 O Titration of unreacted HCl with standard NaOH H 3 O + + OH ! 2H 2 O Precipitation Titrations Precipitation Titration Curves Precipitation Titration Curves
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Titration of a Mixture EndPoint Detection for Argentometric Titrations ! Volhard Titration: soluble, colored complex
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Unformatted text preview: formed at endpoint; titration of Ag + in HNO 3 (no CO 3 2- , C 2 O 4 2-, AsO 4 3-interference) Cl-precipitated by excess AgNO 3 ; after filtration, excess Ag + titrated with standard KSCN in the presence of Fe 3+ Ag + + SCN-! AgSCN (s) SCN-+ Fe 3+ ! FeSCN 2+ (red) ! Fajans Titration: colored indicator (anionic dyes) adsorbed on precipitate at endpoint e.g., dichlorofluorescein (greenish yellow initially; turns pink when adsorbed to AgCl ! Silver salts and adsorption indicators light-sensitive Adsorption Indicators Lattice anions and cations Adsorbed more likely than Non-lattice solution ions Spectrophotometric Titrations Spectrophotometric Titrations Calculating Titration Curves with a Spreadsheet...
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Chapter 7 Slides - formed at endpoint; titration of Ag + in...

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