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General Psychology Recitation Homework #5 – Due October 16, 2007 Paul Shapiro Question 1 : Describe the relationship between low birth weight and later development With a lower the birth there is a greater risk of impaired cognitive ability later in life. Question 2 : Describe how a child in the concrete operations and a child in the formal operations stage would decide which two color of paint would make a certain shade of brown. A child in the stage of formal operation would try and give the colors that would make up brown. A child in the stage of concrete operations would be confused about the concept that colors put together would make other colors. Question 3: ( Generate a question of interest based on the assigned recitation readings; include
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Unformatted text preview: your response. Your question and response will be shared with the class.) Q: How are we aware that infants distinguish between sounds? A: Infants inhabituate to repeated sounds, but become interested for new sounds. Question 4: ( Submit a question on anything that you have come across in this week’s readings or lecture that remains unclear.) What is the “multiplier effect”? . Your answers are to be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font , and placed in the recitation drop box by 10:00am on Tuesday, each week . Your answers should be in complete sentences, spell-checked and grammatically correct. Your answers do not need to be lengthy to be complete and correct....
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