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Unformatted text preview: Orthographic Drawings Class 3.2 Engr.111C Readiness Assessment Test 2.2.1 As a team, respond to the following question. As You will be given 3 minute: You ® Name the six principal orthographic viewsINCLUDE WHAT DIMENSIONS ARE IN INCLUDE EACH VIEW.!! EACH ® Make sure all your title information (all team Make member’s names) is on the RAT and pass it to the center isle. the ® Readiness Assessment Test 2.2.2 Individually respond to the following question. Individually You will be given 1 minute: You ® Name the six principal orthographic views. ® Today you may hold onto this RAT, however in Today the future I may collect them and give all team members the high, average, or low score on the individual RAT. individual ® Learning Objectives ® Name the three principle projection planes Name and what dimensions each shows and ® Sketch Top, Front, and Right Side views of Sketch simple objects simple ® Know the correct pattern and line weight Know for visible, center, and hidden lines for Orthographic Projection Orthographic projection is the system of drawing Orthographic views of an object by projecting them perpendicularly onto projection planes with parallel projectors. parallel ® Orthographic drawings represent three Orthographic dimensional objects in separate views arranged in a standard manner. standard ® They are called working or detailed drawings if They they contain sufficient dimensions, notes, and specifications to enable a product to be manufactured from the drawings. manufactured ® Orthographic Projection ® 2 Dimensional projections on Orthogonal Dimensional planes planes ® Show lines based on change of plane or Show change of material change ® Use multiple linetypes ® Visible ® Hidden ® Center Describing an Angle Bracket A relatively simple relatively object object ® Pictorial view may be Pictorial difficult difficult ® Glass Box concept Envision the object Envision surrounded in a glass box box ® Project the views out Project onto the pieces of glass glass ® Each pane shows a 2D Each projection of the object object ® Projection Planes ® The three panes of glass represent the The principal orthographic planes principal ® Horizontal ® Frontal ® Profile ® Each plane illustrates two of the principal Each dimensions: Height, Width, and Depth Height, Class Exercise ® As a team you have 3 minutes to discuss the As following: following: ® What dimensions are contained on each of What the principal projection planes? the Converting to Orthographics By unfolding the box, By you generate the FRONT, TOP, and FRONT, and RIGHT SIDE views RIGHT ® Others (Back, Bottom, Others Left Side) could also be created if needed be ® Completed Orthographics Completed Orthographics View Selection If the object has an obvious top, then it must be If the top view the ® Minimize the number of hidden lines ® Use the most descriptive view as the front view ® Conserve space by choosing the depth to be the Conserve smallest dimension smallest ® Linetypes Visible ® Hidden ® Center ® Construction ® Precedence of Lines NORMAL VISIBLE OVER HIDDEN HIDDEN OVER CENTER VISIBLE OVER CENTER Construction of Views ® Must align orthographic views ® Width appears in Top and Front ® Height appears in Front and Side ® Depth appears in Side and Top ® Height and width project directly ® Depth must be projected via a 45° angle Construction of Views What’s Wrong With This What’s Wrong With This What’s Wrong With This What’s Wrong With This What’s Wrong With This What’s Wrong With This Comparing All 6 Solutions Team Exercise ® Draw three orthographic views of a Draw tombstone. Remember to include all lines: visible, hidden, and center, where appropriate appropriate ® Add a bullet hole (large caliber) concentric Add with the top arc. Adjust the views for this new feature. new Tombstone Solution Pair Exercise Complete three orthographic views of the object Complete shown on the next slide. shown ® Do not worry about exact size, keep the object Do proportional. proportional. ® Include visible, hidden, and center lines where Include appropriate. appropriate. ® Use your engineering sketch pad. LANDSCAPE Use LANDSCAPE ® You will be given 10 minutes. ® Object for exercise 1.00 Solution Solution Solution Individual Homework Drawing 9 ® Drawing 10 ® ® Due At the BEGINNING of class 4.2 (1 week) ® To your team mailbox ® (You should be able to finish today ? ® Complete Figure 3.26 page 63 “ Essentials etc. ...
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