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Communications 310 Jacqueline Joseph E-Journal Assignment 2 April 17, 2009 1) The episode of “All in the Family” that we viewed in class referred to homosexuality. In this episode, the Archie’s son Mike invites a friend over for lunch. Archie makes a bunch of jokes and concludes that Mike’s friend is homosexual because of the way he dresses and acts. Archie goes to a bar with his buddies to watch a fight. He sees a friend and talks to him about how he was an ex-ball player and how great he thinks his friend is. Mike hints that this ball-player is homosexual and the Archie doesn’t believe it. At the end of the episode Archie tells his friend how ridiculous Mike’s claim was and the ball- player actually tells him that he is a homosexual. Archie is shocked and can’t believe that he was so wrong in his judgments. 2) The message the show was attempting to get to its viewers was the issue of homosexuality, an issue not often put into discourse at the time the show aired. The lack
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comm310.2ndejournal - Communications 310 E-Journal...

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