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I believe Scheer’s central thesis of Playing President to be multi-faceted. Scheer’s book primarily deals with how President’s gained office, what they did during office, and reactions during and after their terms. Scheer comes to find Presidents as well- intentioned citizens who sacrifice a great deal for success. His introduction focuses on the failings of the electoral process and the negative aspects of campaigning. Scheer’s most resounding objective in Playing President is analyzing the demeanor of candidates before and during their presidency. I believe his goal and central thesis lie in the analysis of character during and after the electoral process, because it is such a harsh process.
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Unformatted text preview: President Nixon is a man Scheer comes to respect, but he and former white house counsel, John Dean, describe ways in which President Nixon’s legacy was undermined by how he responded to the media and electoral process. As Scheer says in his introduction “the journey is the destination.” President Nixon’s journey is recognized negatively because his destination was a disaster. The Watergate scandal has clouded positive parts of his term. As Scheer states “Nixon was dazzling in his clarity and [he] mastered world politics.” Nixon did a number of “undeniably good things” completely forgotten because of the Watergate scandal....
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