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Mehran Sahami Handout #5 CS 106A September 26, 2007 Downloading Eclipse Much of this handout was written by Justin Manus and Brandon Burr. This quarter we’ll be using Stanford’s customized version of Eclipse to build our programs. Eclipse is an enormously popular industrial strength Java environment with many, many features. Fortunately, Eclipse is also open source—anyone is free to change Eclipse to work the way they want. We have taken advantage of that freedom to install special Stanford features into Eclipse, to tailor it specifically for CS106A. This document gives instructions on how to get starting using Eclipse, and its Stanford features in Installing Eclipse Before you begin to write programs for Karel or Java, you will need to obtain a copy of Eclipse from the CS106A course website. The process for downloading Eclipse depends on what system you are using. The instructions for the Macintosh are shown in Figure 1, and those for Windows machines appear in Figure 2. On either platform, the process may take a while, so be patient! Figure 1. Instructions for downloading Eclipse on a Macintosh Our version of Eclipse will only work on Mac OS X version 10.4 or higher. If you don’t have that version of the operating system (or you are running OS 9), you’ll need to either upgrade or do your class work in a public cluster. 1. Get Eclipse from the CS 106A website. Before you begin to write your first Java 2. Install Eclipse. After you have completed the download, you may find that you either you have a folder named eclipse or an eclipse.dmg file. a. If you have the eclipse.dmg file, it is a virtual disk that contains a single folder named eclipse . Double-click the eclipse.dmg file, and—after a few seconds—the eclipse-mac-distribution disk will appear in the Finder (that’s how .dmg files work). The eclipse folder is inside the disk. If you didn't the eclipse.dmg
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05-downloading-eclipse - Mehran Sahami CS 106A Handout #5...

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