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General Psychology Recitation Modules 12.1-12.3 Homework #9 – Due November 13, 2007 Paul Shapiro Question 1 : Schacter and Singer’s experiment on cognitive factors in emotion is frequently cited, but what problem is there in the interpretation of that experiment? The use of males and adrenaline could have affected the results of the experiment Question 2 : Describe the original frustration-aggression hypothesis and Berkowitz’s modification of it. The original theory says that aggression is the results of frustration. Berkowitz’s modification of it says that aggression is the result of any unpleasantness. Question 3: ( Generate a question of interest based on the assigned recitation readings; include your response. Your question and response will be shared with the class.)
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Unformatted text preview: Q: In what way does research on facial expressions support the idea of basic emotions? A: People around the world respond universally to a few expressions. Question 4: ( Submit a question on anything that you have come across in this week’s readings or lecture that remains unclear.) Which emotional theory is most accurate? Your answers are to be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font , and placed in the recitation drop box by 10:00am on Tuesday, each week . Your answers should be in complete sentences, spell-checked and grammatically correct. Your answers do not need to be lengthy to be complete and correct....
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