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34-section-handout-6 - GImage as shown on the right 2 Name...

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Mehran Sahami Handout #34 CS 106A November 5, 2007 Section Handout #6: More Arrays and HashMaps Portions of this handout by Eric Roberts 1. Image processing (Chapter 11, exercise 12, page 458) Write a method flipHorizontal that works similarly to the flipVertical method presented in the chapter except that it reverses the picture in the horizontal dimension. Thus, if you had a GImage containing the image on the left ( of Jan Vermeer’s The Milkmaid, c. 1659), calling flipHorizontal on that image would return a new
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Unformatted text preview: GImage as shown on the right: 2. Name Counts Write a program that asks the user for a list of names (one per line) until the user enters a blank line (i.e., just hits return when asked for a name). At that point the program should print out how many times each name in the list was entered. You may find that using a HashMap to keep track of the information entered by user may greatly simplify this problem. A sample run of this program is shown below....
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