Name four Yield Grades for Young Beef

Name four Yield Grades for Young Beef - Name four Yield...

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Name four Yield Grades for Young Beef- 1,2,3,4,5 .Name four Quality yield grades for old beef- Commercial, Utility, Cutter, Canner. Name four Quality grades for young beef- Prime, Choice, Select, Standard. The greatest component of lean muscle is Water, which makes up 85-95 % of the total. Fat between the muscles is known as Intermuscular far or commonly referred to as Pigment that give meat its red color- Myoglobin. Fat located on the outside of the carcass is referred to as Subcutaneous. The latin word for sausage is Salas which means Salted. What is the most desired color of each of the following meats- Beef- cherry red, Pork- Gray/Pink, Lamb- Brick Red . Rank the following species as to the greatest number of head slaughtered per week. Hogs- 1, Beef-2, Lamb-3, Goats-4. Offal is defined as- The fat and leftovers after slaughter and packing. Which component of offal has the greatest value- Hide. Give an example of an edible form of offal- Tongue . Name two reasons fat is added to sausage- . How is maturity determined on a beef carcus( ossification of vertebrae) - Pepperoni is an example of what classification of sausage? Dry/Fermented . What makes this classification of sausage unique- It is preserved by the microbs. Lowers pct. “tangy flavor”. Factors used to calculate Yield Grade- BF, REA, KPH, HCW, measured by ribeye area. Factors used to calculate Quality Grade- Maturity & Marbling, the more marbling, the better. A person in a grocery store asks you the difference between a Choice steak and a Select grade Steak. What would you tell them- The difference of marbling throughout the steak. Also, there can be a difference in fat and quality. Feedstuff with less than 18% crude fiber high in energy-
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Name four Yield Grades for Young Beef - Name four Yield...

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