Short Answer Exam Questions - 1) Define and contrast the...

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1) Define and contrast the concepts of illiberal democracy and substantive democracy a. Substantive i. Free, Fair, Competitive Elections ii. Rule of Law iii. Strong State iv. Free Flow of Information v. Civil Liberties vi. Generally High Standard of Living b. Illiberal i. Democracy on paper only ii. Corruption in Elections iii. Government control of information media iv. Absence of protection v. Debate/Disagreement can lead to incarceration 2) Define revolution and give an example in China a. Revolution – a change, usually violent, typically to a political authority b. China – Cultural Revolution i. Goal was to purify party of all capitalist influences. Wound up becoming a consolidation of power by the CCP. Caused societal chaos. 3) Define “sovereignty” and explain the difference between internal and external sovereignty a. Sovereignty – a nation-state’s right to rule itself; recognizes no higher authority b. Internal – a nation state’s ability to enforce its own laws and resist outside interference c. External – the ability be viewed as a politically legitimate state in the eyes of the international community 4) Define Gross Domestic Product and explain why this is an important statistic for political scientists a. Total value of a country’s imports and exports b. Important i. Shows the general economic health and strength of a nation state 5) Define and contrast the concepts of “state” and “nation” a. State - A set of institutions that the people who rule embrace – a political entity b. Nation – a group of people that identify as a homogenous culture 6) Discuss Pendulum Theory with regard to Mexico. a.
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Short Answer Exam Questions - 1) Define and contrast the...

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